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WorkCover WA Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider

Health and Wellness

Health assessments – to assess and capture the health and wellbeing of your workers for the development of a corporate wellness program.
Warm up for work programs – including the development of stretches and exercises and also teaching an organisation how to facilitate these corporate fitness programs in-house.
Dietetic advice and intervention – to address individual weight loss, general health and lifestyle issues (cholesterol/TPG, diabetes, body mass index, alcohol, smoking, exercise and obesity issues) effecting the workplace. Our Dieticians also provide training and workshops in diet including cooking classes, menu planning, and label reading.
Work place wellness programs – designed to reduce work place stress, improve the health of your staff and prevent injuries, illness and absenteeism.
Health and fitness education and training – on various topics of physical and psychological health relevant to the workplace. Examples include resilience, work-life balance, diet, anxiety and depression, ergonomics, exercise.